Florida State University Prepares for Zombie Attack!

I know it’s early for a “From the Director’s Chair” blog for The Zombie Today Show, but I couldn’t help myself.
Each Tuesday Victoria Fraasa or I will be blogging about our zombie show experience and discussing other zombie topics and stories. This week’s gem was submitted by Lisa Torres of Florida.

The University of Florida has a great sense of humor…and preparedness! They have a policy and procedure for what to do in the case of a zombie attack! You can see the document for yourself here- DOCUMENT

Articles and blogs following this important news are available online!

Some of the document has vital information that we should all be aware of. Here’s an example of some of the information contained in the document-

Part 1 of this exercise will be to identify characteristics of a zombie outbreak that might precede official
notification. These might include:
a. Disappearance of isolated citizens, initially in relatively remote areas;
b. Increasing numbers of gruesome unexplained deaths and disappearances, especially at night;
c. Identification of difficult to kill, flesh-eating perpetrators;
d. Recognition that the numbers of perpetrators is rapidly increasing and that those previously
identified as victims have reappeared as perpetrators;
e. Increasing isolation of survivors;
f. Breakdown of peace-keeping and medical services;
g. Documentation of lots of strange moaning.

As you can see, Florida is very advanced and knowledgeable in all things “zombie”.

We want to thank Ms. Torres who seemed amused by the document for some strange reason.

Lisa Torres

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