Zombie Book Reviews


The first zombie book review happens on October 9th, 2009! The Zombie Today Show is meant to be funny, engaging and fun but it is also a way to tell people about some great books. Zombie Approved of course!

The first book review is Lori Foster’s Servant: The Kindred. Lori was kind enough to send us some swag so our co-host Dylan Day can be seen wearing a Lori Foster t-shirt during the show.

Other authors include Heather Graham, Shannon Drake, Alexandra Sokoloff, F. Paul Wilson and more. Books are featured in a multitude of ways. The zombies review the books on the show, books are featured as commercials and are stamped “Zombie Approved” or featured on the website.

Author Heather Graham sponsored the entire season and appears in three of the episodes as three different people, including herself. Her books are reviewed by our zombies in three shows and some of her new releases will show up as commercials and website features. Heather had some of her friends’ books featured as well including Alexandra Sokoloff’s The Unseen, F. Paul Wilson’s The Tomb and Harley Jane Kozak’s Dead Ex.

Our hope is that people will be so entertained by the overall premise of this zombie-soap-opera that we will get picked up for a second season. As of today the show has been picked up by some local television stations in California and has over 8000 views within 4 days of the time it was uploaded.