When Opposites Attract, The Fire is Ignited


Drew Black, a controversial and straightforward sports club president, has a knack for his work in extreme and uncompromising athletics, but his heated temperament is starting to cause problems. His attitude may be too much for his profession, so a PR expert named Gillian Noode has been called in to smooth over Drew’s rough edges. Despite her expertise, Gillian is having problems with the process, because Drew is as raw and abrasive as anyone she has ever encountered. And now Gillian is starting to find Drew’s rough parts difficult to resist. When these opposites begin to attract, Drew’s temperament will not be the only thing getting hot. With so much friction, who will come out on top? Find out in Lori Foster’s latest release Back in Black.
Back in Black, due out in February 2010, gives readers a steamy new story in the contemporary romance genre that will seem perfect for the colder months of the year. Lori Foster, an award-winning, best-selling author of romance novels with praise coming from all sides, will tantalize her followers with this new addition to her impressive collection. If you appreciate romance and have yet to check out her novels, Back in Black comes highly recommended.