A Book With A Title That Says It All

From one day to another, you live life as a Christian in a state of complacency. You understand the “Christian” routine: attend services regularly, pray, and volunteer “x” number of hours in order to meet the demands of your religion and its spiritual leaders, and yet you long for something more. There lives within you an awareness of your inability to fulfill what God has in store for you through this religious regimen. Does this sound like you? If so, then Lysa TerKeurst has something worth investigating.
In her newest work, Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl, TerKeurst identifies strategies to eliminate this routine-oriented element from Christian thought and behavior. She invites you to embrace the plan that is God’s design for you and asks you to accept a deeper and more rewarding way of Christian being. She is no stranger to the problem of requiring a stronger connection with the Lord, for she herself experienced the same dilemma and longed for more. In fact, this new release is based upon her personal experience and presents a clear process for becoming more genuinely fulfilled and more at peace with yourself and your presence in the world. Through her work, you will experience an activation of that desire for a deeper connection with God.
TerKeurst is the award-winning author of captivating books relating to faith and Christian living. She is also the co-host of Proverbs 31 Ministry’s national radio program, which reaches many thousands of subscribers daily. Her understanding of the meaning of Christianity and the role it should play in one’s life has come from her personal experiences with God and with the Christian journey itself.
Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl is perfect for readers of faith-based non-fiction, especially those who seek to establish a greater connection with God and a greater recognition of what it truly means to be Christian.

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