Great Times at BookExpo America


It’s Thursday at BEA and I started my morning walking into the room just behind Jon Stewart who was cheering for coffee and free muffins! He was hysterical! And charming!

Being with the press I was seated right up front and got to get close and chat a bit with some of the people at the front table. That included Jon Stewart, Condolezza Rice, John Grisham and Mary Roach. All VERY amazing people!

Jon Stewart opened up the chat and had everyone laughing within seconds. Of course! He talked about his book entitled EARTH (The book) A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race. It’s not finished yet, but he figures it will be in Sept. since that’s when they plan on selling it in bookstores. LOL

He introduced Condolezza Rice who was lovely and charming and I quickly became a fan of her book. She wrote about her parents who obviously influenced her a great deal.

When she finished Jon came back up and says, “Don’t make me love you.” which was very funny. You couldn’t help but lover her though and her obvious love of her parents.

Then John Grisham took the stage and poked fun at Jon Stewart a little. Who would have thought that John Grisham had a sense of humor? LOL John Grisham talked his work with a group that helps people who have been wrongly accused and imprisoned here in the US. It was so interesting! Later on John was kind enough to stop and chat for a moment with me and , yes, I got an autograph. lol

Mary Roach was the surprise in the mix. Lesser known, but not of lesser talent, Mary Roach writes SUCH interesting stuff and this book is about who to prepare to go to Mars. It’s a real look at the crazy stuff about it like, where do you go to the bathroom in zero gravity? Yes, the answers are all real!!!

It was a fantastic time for all and now I have my coveted Jon Stewart story and John Grisham autograph!