A Thrilling New Year with Allison Brennan and Karen Dionne

Boiling Point - Karen Dionne

Thrilling-in the New Year with authors Allison Brennan and Karen Dionne this week on Reader’s Entertainment Radio!

A fun-filled half hour talking about thrillers, new book releases, what happened in 2010 and is on the horizon for 2011.

Both author talk about how to balance your professional life and your personal life.  These amazing ladies are talented, successful and very busy.

Love Me to Death - Allison Brennan

This is a fun show for readers who love romantic suspense and environmental thrillers.

Allison talks about self discipline, working 4 hours a day while everyone else gets the week off and how that actually helps her stay focused and balanced.

Karen talks about her amazing adventure to Chile where she was within one mile of an active volcano all in pursuit of authenticity for her new novel Boiling Point.

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RER 12-30-10