True Blood actor publishes novel that will be turned into a movie!


UPDATED: Listen to the Show!
RER 1-3-11

Reader’s Entertainment Radio catches up with author, director, actor and all ’round Renaissance woman Tanya Wright live Feb. 3rd, 2011. You can listen to the live show at

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The chat room will be open for listeners to send questions and make comments. Once the show is over the podcast will be made available here on the blog so you can find more links, hear what others said and leave additional comments or questions for Tanya.

Tanya is an amazingly interesting woman with talents in both acting and in writing. She has published her first novel – Butterfly Rising and will be the director for the movie.

We plan on asking Tanya what she attributes her success to, what it’s like to be on the set of True Blood and what advise she would give those looking to be as successful as her!

Tanya will also talk about self publishing and answer any questions from listeners.

Please join us live on Thursday 2/3/11 at 6PM Eastern/3 PM Pacific.

Learn more about Tanya at the following locations!