Welcome to LA! RT Booklover’s Convention

Blog by Sheila Clover English
Blog by Sheila Clover English

It’s time to gear up for the annual RT Booklover’s Convention! We’re here in California where dreams come true and celebrities are on every corner! Okay, well, there are some celebrity authors on every corner of the hotel for sure! Lol

We have a full week of lots of fun coming. We’ll be attending events, workshops and meeting up with great authors! Novels Alive’s Dayna Linton is here to interview authors for her show that will play here on RER over the next few months. COS Productions will be conducting interviews with top authors and Reader’s Entertainment Radio, Behind the Mask and Canned Laughter and Coffee will be interviewing as well! It’ll be like you’re here with us!

Some people came in early for the Early Bird tour and of course the writer’s workshops are a big draw at this convention.  COS Productions is here early to prepare for the Zombie Today Show season 2 shoot that will be going on during the convention. Lots of fun stuff going on and we’ll make sure you get to see a lot of it!

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