Atlas Slugged AGAIN, the hilarious “secret sequel” to an intimidating classic…

Atlas Slugged Again

Many of today’s avid readers are no doubt familiar with the mysterious and intimidating classic Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. For those of you who look upon this title and shudder with remembrance of what its reading brought, there is an author on your side. And Rand’s novel has served as the inspiration for (or, perhaps, the target of) his latest piece. Atlas Slugged Again is the latest release from Ellis Weiner, who is known for his work on countless magazines and with National Lampoon as an editor. In his novel, John Glatt is “the smartest, bravest, most rational man in society” and he alone is responsible for ushering in the Age of Production. Find out what John Glatt means to the world in Atlas Slugged Again, the phenomenally funny parody of and “secret sequel” to the towering masterpiece of the twentieth century. Weiner’s keen awareness of Rand’s idiosyncrasies as a writer pour into this delightful reading, which would be perfect for anyone who enjoys well-crafted parodies. Also, lovers and haters of Rand’s fiction alike will be able to take something from this piece. If you are in the mood to laugh until it brings you pain, then look for Atlas Slugged Again, the latest novel from Ellis Weiner.