A Clairvoyant Comes to Terms with Her Power…and The Threat That It Entails


For Cassandra Palmer, life is anything but ordinary. After defeating a god, she now must learn how to harness her incredible powers as Pythia—the world’s greatest clairvoyant. She also has to prepare for the coronation ceremony held in her honor. There is also the problem of being romantically entangled (at least, this is how it seems) with the mysterious vampire master Mircea. She could probably do with some time for relief, a period dedicated to settling into her new role. But a new threat has emerged, and this dark force is not even attacking her directly. Somehow, someone is trying to erase Cassie’s very existence by harming her mother before Cassie was even born. How do you stop an assault from the past? With such powerful allies, Cassie Palmer will find a way. For answers, look to the latest release from fantasy fiction author Karen Chance, Hunt the Moon: A Cassie Palmer Novel. This is the fifth installment in a series that has garnered attention from both critics and fans of fantasy. For those readers already familiar with Cassie Palmer and her story, you will no doubt be anticipating an opportunity to secure a copy of this new release. If you are a fan of well-crafted urban fantasy or fantasy style fiction blended with a touch of the sensual, then Hunt the Moon should be on your reading list for this year. Look for Hunt the Moon: A Cassie Palmer Novel by Karen Chance, which is now available in bookstores everywhere.