The Quest for Life Turns Disastrous…


Imagine a pure form of life…


This phenomenal and newly discovered species is comprised entirely of concentrated energy, yet its members retain all the signs of sentience. In fact, not only are they clearly smarter than us (human beings, that is), but they also possess the remarkable ability to increase the mental capacity of anyone in close proximity to them. A discovery of this caliber will tend to disturb our understanding of both the universe and ourselves, but some of the ways in which we might change are truly beneficial—if we look closely enough, we might even through this discovery begin to discern the qualities of the human soul. What would it mean to marvel at the miracle of life’s source, to catch a glimpse of the potential within our very being? Of course, there is a chance that the impact of this seemingly fortuitous find will involve a great deal of suffering. It might also yield great devastation…or even genocide.

Watch as that thin line between genius and insanity blurs a little further in a race to save a magnificent species from total slaughter. The novel is Spectra by Joanne Elder, a “fast-paced” science fiction thriller that explores the ramifications of wanting too much from our interactions with another sentient species.

This new form of life is discovered by an exploratory mine group light years away from Earth. After the encounter, a group of scientists becomes hellbent on exploiting the ability of this unique species, and only two people stand in the way of the potential for its total annihilation. In Spectra, our boundaries are tested, and the quest for life turns into a disaster.

Joanne Elder, a native of Ontario, is no stranger to the field of science. As a professional engineer, she worked in the aeronautical industry for several years before turning to nuclear research. Now, Elder blends her passion for science with her love of great fiction. Action-packed, captivating, and relevant, Spectra should be on the reading list of any avid fan of science fiction. This is a science-oriented thriller that will not disappoint.

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