Scam Targeted at SIBA Exhibitors


Linda McMaken
Cincinnati, Ohio


Wanda Jewell, Executive Director of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) has just issued a notice to members. What began as a scam against New England Independent Bookstore vendors has now spread into the general membership of SIBA.

Ms. Jewell wants members to be aware of any forms, promotional items or other notifications from a company calling themselves “Fair Guide” (aka – Construct Data, Fairguide, Construct Data Verlang, and Expo Guide). They are sending forms to exhibitors/members that appear to have come from SIBA offices. This form asks exhibitors to update their information – elsewhere in the form – in small print – is a line that contracts the exhibitor/member into an agreement for advertising, falsely stating that the ads are for SIBA show guides.

This promo is NOT from SIBA’s office.

Once signed and returned, the form is a legal agreement that attempts to collect an “advertising” fee. At least one member signed this form and is now receiving “collection” notices. The SIBA, NEiBA, the local Better Business Bureau, and the State’s Attorney’s Office are working in collaboration to stop this scam.

If any exhibitors/members receive this form or other questionable “promo”, please DO NOT SIGN and LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. We need to use this information to track the parties responsible for this scam.

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA)
3806 Yale Ave.
Columbia, SC 29205
Fax: 309-410-0211

Email from SIBA reprinted with permission.