An Inside Look Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask
Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask gives you an inside look at the world of comic books and graphic novels.  From authors to artists, creators to conventions, and fanboys to films, Ed English gives you the chance to check out, hear from, and interact with the people involved in the many facets of comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy entertainment.

With the BTM radio program, live each Thursday at 7:00pm Eastern, you get to hear Ed’s weekly interviews with writers, artists, and event organizers; reports and recaps from major conventions; as well as movie previews and reviews.  Having featured guests such as Mike Grell, Jonathan Maberry, Richelle Mead, Dan Wickline, and Richard A. Knaak, Behind the Mask gives you a weekly visit into the past, present, and future of the industry.

The Behind the Mask website provides a hub for all of Ed’s activities.  In addition to links for the weekly broadcast, you can also find comics news and book reviews on the BTM blog.  Here you can see what’s happening on the convention floor or heading to your comics store.  Along with links to our Facebook page and a real-time Twitter feed, the BTM blog is where you’ll get to put faces to names when you see exclusive video interviews in the Behind the Mask Presents series.

Stan Lee and Ed


If you enjoy all of the books, television, film, and events surrounding the world of comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy, then how can you resist taking a look Behind the Mask?