They’ve Found the Perfect Man


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH

In case you were shopping for the perfect man, it seems some British Romance Writers have found him for you. At least they think they’ve discovered what most of us look for in a perfect man.

According to the Festival of Romance, “the UK’s only literary festival dedicated to romantic fiction”, it isn’t great looks, a thick wallet or being tall, dark and handsome, it’s being loyal. For those men out there who don’t fit into any of those┬ápreconceived┬ánotions, rejoice, you just might be the perfect man. Here are the top six things women want in a perfect man:

1. Loyal
2. Hones
3. Personal Hygiene
4. Kind
5. Sense of Humor
6. Intelligent

For the complete list and to participate in their Perfect man poll, go to the Festival of Romance website.