Strong Female Texas Ranger: An Interview with Jon Land


Jon Land
Jon Land Thriller Writer
What defines a hero? What do you think of when you are trying to describe what a hero is to you? Heather Graham interviews best selling thriller author Jon Land about his novel Strong at the Break. Jon writes about a female Texas Ranger and has very strong feelings about the importance of every-day heroes.
Heather and Jon chat about heroes and who heroes are in this part 1 of a 2 part interview.

SATBAbout Strong at the Break: Fifth-generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in an adventure with roots in a gunfight where her father shot down the cult-like leader of a separatist church.

Two decades later, that man’s son, Malcolm Arno, has become head of a militia movement bent on unleashing chaos and anarchy across the country. With all the guns and money he needs to wage a second Civil War, nothing seems to be standing in Arno’s way. Until he runs afoul of Caitlin Strong.

Already mired in one investigation of drug smuggling over the U.S.-Canadian border and another involving an Iraqi war veteran who claims the army is trying to kill him, Caitlin finds herself embroiled in the search for the kidnapped son of former outlaw Cort Wesley Masters. When the missing boy’s trail leads to Malcolm Arno’s Texas compound, the three cases converge in an explosion of violence that will put Caitlin to the ultimate test.

From the frozen rivers of Canada to the desert wastelands of Mexico, the stage has been set for a battle like none Caitlin has ever faced before, where the stakes are nothing less than the survival of America as we know it.