Sexiest Vampire Alive!


Guest Blog By Kerrelyn Sparks

My latest book in the Love at Stake series, Sexiest Vampire Alive, goes on sale September 27th.  And why should you read it?  Because you actually have a lot in common with the hero in Sexiest Vampire Alive.  You’re sexy. And alive. Two out of three’s not bad!  But what about the vampire part?  What do you have in common with a vampire?


Nothing, you say? After all, you don’t drink blood.  You might enjoy nibbling on your lover’s neck, but you don’t normally sink fangs into their carotid artery. And you might enjoy a day where you can laze about doing nothing like a dead slug, but you’re not actually dead.  So how on earth could you be like a vampire?

  1. Just like a vampire, we occasionally need to re-invent ourselves.  About every twenty-five years or so, a vamp needs to forge a new identity to mask the fact that he’s not getting any older.  Humans re-invent themselves, too.  We move to a new neighborhood, city or country, we change jobs, get a new degree, go through a divorce, or recover from the death of a loved one.  All these major events cause us to change.  I re-invented myself from a historical romance writer to a paranormal one, and my vamps are very happy about that!
  2. Just like a vampire, we worry about finding the right mate.  For a human, a bad marriage can feel like it’s dragging on for centuries.  For a vamp, it actually does.
  3. Sometimes, both vamps and humans can benefit from a make-over.  We can update our wardrobe and our appearance.  And while we’re throwing out clothes with that ’90’s look, the vamp is tossing out stuff with that 1790’s look.  Panniers are so passé.
  4. Just like humans, vampires don’t want to die. Not permanently.  The normal vamp never risks going out in sunlight or running out of groceries (bottled blood).
  5. Just like us, if a vamp holds a job or runs a company (like Romatech Industries or MacKay Security and Investigation), then he has to file all the appropriate tax returns. He certainly doesn’t want the IRS checking into his past!  Or demanding he show up for an audit during daylight hours.  A vamp might avoid death, but just like us humans, he can’t avoid taxes!

To learn more about vampires who are surprisingly like us, check out the Love at Stake series at and don’t forget Sexiest Vampire Alive goes on sale September 27th!  To see if Kerrelyn is signing in your area, please check the appearances page of her website.