A New Level of Sexy for the Undead…

Sexiest Vampire Alive
Sexiest Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks

Gregori Holstein is young, charming, and full of sexual appeal. That is a dangerous combination when it comes to vampires.
When a web-based video broadcast threatens the security of vamps everywhere, the best option for the Undead is turning to Gregori, VP of Marketing, for help. He has been given the task of seeking aid from the US government to prove the video is merely a hoax. But before that can happen, the president has a favor to ask. As it turns out, Abby Tucker, the First Daughter, is on a mission to save her dying mother. A dedicated scientist, Abby has come close to the cure and is missing only two essential ingredients. Unfortunately, she must cross the world and enter into the most dangerous territory known to mankind…and vampires. This is where Gregori fits into the scheme, since he is capable of acting as an escort for Abby and providing her with the sort of protection she requires in this part of the world. Of course, Gregori and Abby have nothing in common on the surface: he is suave and sensual, while she is (truth be told) a bit dull and scientific. But her blood is by no means cold yet. In fact, the greatest danger in Abby’s life at this point is not the horror awaiting her on the other side of the planet, but the desire beginning to burn within her for the Sexiest Vampire Alive…
…The new novel from Kerrelyn Sparks is well-crafted, comical, and definitely sexy. Her characters are given great voice and there is a certain humor that pervades the entire piece, even when the story is heating up. Sparks is an award-winning USA Today best-selling author with a passion for the paranormal. Sexiest Vampire Alive is an exciting and satisfying book that is ideal for any avid readers of romance, especially in terms of the paranormal category. Kerrelyn Sparks already has a dedicated fan-base, and I am sure that she would love to add you to their ranks. Look for Sexiest Vampire Alive in bookstores everywhere and be drawn into a dangerously seductive world. For more information, check out www.kerrelynsparks.com.