Interview with Joanne Elder | Spectra


Reader’s Entertainment talks to sci-fi thriller author Joanne Elder about her new novel Spectra.  Spectra is very unusual as it is half sci-fi and the other half is thriller/suspense.  The author talks about the ethics and morals of the storyline as we learn more about the book. Here is a short synopsis-

In the story a mining team encounters a species of intelligent life comprised of unknown energy. Those exposed to the entities experience a temporary increase in intelligence but at a terrible cost. As the story unfolds, it’s found that the entities are a form of living plasma with helixes of energy flowing into them resembling DNA.

The book has high stakes as follow the hero and heroine on their quest to save the entities, but perhaps at the cost of their own lives.

The interview is interesting in that there is a philosophy behind the book as well as very thorough science research.  Readers who love science fiction will love it equally to those who love a good suspense/thriller novel.

Learn more about the book and this interesting author as we chat with her on Reader’s Entertainment!


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