Is the Kindle Fire Turning into Ash?


Cincinnati, OH


Amazon‘s debut tablet The Fire is being hammered by consumers and reviewers. The comments on their own website are not kind and outside reviewers aren’t giving the Fire high marks. The most common complaints are: a touch screen that requires more then a touch to get it to change, a very long page-loading time, no volume controls, and no privacy – no option to delete or password protect your browsing. In light of these complaints many are returning the much-hyped Fire.

While Amazon states that the Fire is the most “successful product it has ever launched“, Jakbob Nielsen of Nielsen Norman Group Consulting ┬ásaid “I feel the Fire is going to be a failure, I can’t recommend it.”

Drew Herdener of Amazon said that they would be “rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire,” before the end of December. This update will include privacy setting options and improved screen navigation.

There are rumors that Amazon will be unveiling a new version of the Fire in early 2012, but the retail giant has not confirmed or denied these rumors. In light of the negative reviews, those considering purchasing the Fire might want to consider waiting until the new version is available.