At the Desk: With Dani Harper

Dani Harper Desk
Dani Harper's Desk

I love my office! I didn’t have one when I first moved to Alaska since we have a very small house.  But the first time I went away to visit the kids, I came back to find that my husband had renovated our little spare bedroom/storage room/catch-all room behind the kitchen.  He had lovingly turned one whole wall of it into an office just for me!  Although I use a laptop everywhere else, this is the spot where I build and maintain my website, create graphics, write blogs and do a heckuva lot of research for my shapeshifter novels (and I play on Facebook too! Shhh!).  My office isn’t the tidiest of places – and I’m never going to show you what the rest of the room looks like, LOL – but I really like it.  I have a simple plastic bin system for filing ideas and info so I can just toss paper into them as I go by.   I also get inspiration from some of the non-office items that tend to litter my desk and shelves.  At present, there’s a stuffed wolf, a photo of my dearly departed Official Muse, Scooby the Pug, my favorite quartz crystal and a pocket-size tin containing an inflatable Emergency Brain.


Dani HarperDani Harper – Is a newspaper editor turned paranormal author of the Shapeshifter Series. Look for her books Changeling Moon, Changeling Dream and Changeling Dawn.