At the Desk: With Anita Higman

Anita Higman's Desk

Anita Higman's Desk

These “behind the scenes” photos of my writing space are so messy and revealing that I thought instead of publicizing them they should be hidden in a drawer. These pictures not only show my lack of organization but they expose the dominant feature of my brain—chaos. Somehow, though, it all works fine when creating novels. In fact, I live in horror that my family will try to do me a favor and organize my office—may it never be!

I think my creativity feeds on these unruly heaps, but my imagination is also cheered on by all the cozy-hearted treasures that I surround myself with—such as a jewelry box my son made me when he was in school, a frosted-glass candle from the 1960s with a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the front, a plumed hat once owned by a famous mystery writer, the exposed working parts of a music box, a birthday card that plays “The Twilight Zone,” and an old toy helicopter that not only makes little engines noises but when you push the button a voice says, “Going up.” I love that!

This office is my home within a home. It’s my magical grotto, and you’re welcome to join me here—that is, as long as you don’t get the urge to tidy…


Anita Higman

Award-winning author of 29 books





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