At The Desk with Sheila Clover English

Sheila's Desk
The office of Sheila English recently moved to a smaller space and redecorating has not completed, but the important things are there: computer, gadgets, nick knacks, dog beds and reference books.  The trick is to surround yourself with equal parts; encouragement and dedication.


For encouragement there gifts from clients and friends that are scattered throughout the room.  Reminders of positive relationships and experiences decorate each corner.  For dedication, which is a way of reminding yourself to stay on task, there are awards and trophies as a reminder to do quality work, not just a lot of work.  There’s technology everywhere as a reminder to stay current and forward-thinking.  There’s cork boards with

Reference books for film, writing and marketing. Antique typewriter, photography books and carrying cases.
reminders, folders with project information and a large bookshelf full of helpful resources.


Since more than eight hours a day are spent in the room there’s a comfortable couch for visitors and three dogs beds near the small fire place.

It is a home office in Kentucky. The COS studio itself is located in California.  But, script and copy writing and novel writing happens here. Approximately 8 hours goes toward working for Circle of Seven Productions each day, six days a week.  Currently, ten hours a week goes toward writing novels, but a New Year’s resolution may change that in 2012.

Top shelf; comics and awards.




Window View. The glass balls hanging there are from friends who know I collect them.
Sometimes work goes to the dogs.
Using the new iPhone Olloclip fisheye lens to see the back corner of the office.
A shelf dedicated to a collection of vintage and haute couture collections.


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