SNL to Become Comic Book


Cincinnati, OH


Bluewater Productions, the comic book company that is known for its “pop-culture” comics is now bringing Saturday Night Live to the comic world.

The 24-page history of the show that has been aired for 37-years will be written by Chad Lambert an SNL “fanatic” and a writer with small press comics. It will be illustrated by Patricio Carbajal.

Author Chad Lambert said in a statement: “Everyone on the planet has been a fan of this show as some point in their lives, and no matter what era you hold dear, the show keeps pushing forward. The real trick was writing 37-years of comedy history in 24-pages. Here’s a guy (SNL creator Lorne Michaels) who created a formula for success that lasted through five very different decades. You have to respect any amount of longevity in comedy, but this level on integrity is off the charts.”

The comic book titles: “COMICS: Saturday Night Live”, will be released in March and retail for $3.99.