Denis Leary to Lead Comedy Central Publishing Venture


L. McMaken
Cincinnati, OH


Denis Leary will be the first to author a book under the new Comedy Central publishing venture. Teaming with Running Press, part of Perseus Books Group, Comedy Central will be launching a line of books based on “established and developing brands of the cable network.” Denis Leary’s book will be a “holiday-themed novelty” book. The book is scheduled for publication in October 2012 and will link to a TV special on Comedy Central.

Michele Ganeless President of Comedy Central said: “Success today means reaching our fans on all different platforms. This publishing relationship is another example of the kind of extension that keeps Comedy Central the #1 brand in comedy.”

“I am truly delighted to be in business with Running Press and deliver a funny Christmas book based on a special I did for Comedy Central seven-and-a-half years ago. Sorry for the delay but I was a tad busy with ‘Rescue Me,’ two teenaged kids, two Red Sox World Series victories, the 17th Boston Celtic NBA Championship, the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup and online porn. Mostly the porn.” Said Leary.

No title has been released for the book as yet.