Bella Terra Series From Christina Dodd: A Review


Within the walls of Bella Terra Winery there is a mystery from the past that will torment the Di Luca sons living in the present. This mystery not only affects their place at the winery, but their hearts, their family and when the secrets come crashing down, it threatens their lives.

In this newest series from author Christina Dodd, she combines romance, suspense, mystery and the inner world of a Napa Valley winery. Intertwined through three books in the series is the powerful Di Luca family. Started by Eli Di Luca who brought generations of knowledge from the grape growing region of the Chilean Andes, he creates Bella Terra from the ground up.

There are secrets from Eli’s past that even members of his family don’t know about. From a priceless bottle of wine to the mystery surrounding a pink diamond, there is enough intrigue to keep the readers turning the page. When you add in the delectable romances, and amazing multi-dimensional characters, that is enough to make you want to read all three books in the series.

In each book,Secrets of Bella Terra, Revenge at Bella Terra, and Betrayal,¬†¬†Dodd gives each brother their own story, their part in the mystery of Bella Terra’s dark and mysterious past. Each book also brings back loves that the brother missed or brings him new opportunities for their heart to embrace love.

Yet, lurking in the shadows is another powerful winery family with their own ghosts of the past, and there is someone who is willing to kill to keep the past a secret.

If you love romance, suspense and mystery with a beautiful location, wonderful plot, truly hot heroes and strong heroines, the Bella Terra series from Christina Dodd should be on your summer reading list.