Circle of Seven Productions Selected for Festival

Circle of Seven Productions has been selected as one of the films to be viewed at the 2012 Springfield Community Festival. The festival shares the best in film, music, and books with the Springfield Massachusetts area.
Circle of Seven Productions is a transmedia and marketing company that specializes in book video, web design and campaign development. They created the book trailer®market and trademarked the term “book trailer®” ten years ago and have grown into the largest producer of book trailers® in the U.S.

The festival will be held at the Bing Arts Center on Sumner Avenue in Springfield, MA on Sunday, April 22 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Additional Official Selected Films include:
The Long Journey Home
By Janelle Vigil

A twelve minute documentary about a young woman, Stephanie, confronting the truth about the sexual abuse she endured at the hand of her stepfather. Her mother, (me, Janelle Vigil) for several years heavily suspicious, but ignorant of the sexual abuse, due to the fact that even through interrogation, neither my (by then) ex-husband nor my daughter would tell her what was going on in the house. I moved out of the house two years before my daughter was ready to reveal the abuse.
God’s Country
by Mike Messier

God’s Country won the 2008 Imagine News Boston Comedy Short Film Festival. Eccentric writer, Eddie Pause, discusses God, paranoia, and a future society ruled by Canada, with his confrontational therapist, Elizabeth Metzger.

Morning Copy
By MarthasVineyard Productions
By Dan Martino, writer, director, producer

After a new neighbor moves in across the street, two retirees compete for the first, original print of a local newspaper and learn that life is not a competition. Martha’s Vineyard Productions is an award winning, multifaceted production studio located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Desperate Pursuit
Written and Directed by Steven Forrester

Desperate Pursuit is a thriller short film starring Jody Lee Harris as the hapless Debbie. After an idyllic summer’s afternoon with friends, she is pursued home by a mysterious driver. Could it be that he is her jilted ex-lover out to exact some sort of pre-meditated revenge on her? Only in the last few moments does all become clear in this gripping film with a twist in the tale.

This is The orange Line
by Nathan Maulorice
The shapes and movement of Chicago’s Orange Line L Train are put to music. The train’s day-to-night journey wind through the city against a Cello Concerto by Edward William Elgar.

S: A Superman Fan Film
By: Johnny K. Wu &

With the intent of finally destroying Superman, Brainiac finds his way to earth. However, he doesn’t go about this task alone, as Lex Luthor finds his way into the mix. Now two of Superman’s greatest villains are working together to take down the Man of Steel. Guest Starring Lois Lane.

Laugh Medicine
By: David K. Ewen, M.Ed.

Laugh Medicine consists of a variety of film and animation shorts produced by volunteers who love Christianity and film.

Your World Discovered: Parenting & Growing Up
By David K. Ewen, M.Ed.

In the summer of 2011, a group of people got together to discuss how God helped shape good families and parenting support. Fathers, mothers, and kids talked about the success of the family unit. This film has been shown on TV and at the Bing Arts Center.

The featured author at this year’s festival will be Pastor Jose Martinez, Resurrection Center, the author of Radical: A True Life Story

For more information at the event please visit the festival online at: or contact
Event Executive Director David K. Ewen, M.Ed.,, 413-237-0809


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