From Journalist to Novelist Bestselling Author Julie Kramer


In the fictional newsroom of bestselling author Julie Kramer, her reporter Riley Spartz reflects the changing world of television news. Although Riley gets a little help in finding news stories and usually solves the case, her creator author Julie Kramer didn’t have such help when she was a reporter. “Facts always got in the way of a good story,” she laughs talking about her transition from reporter to bestselling novelist.

Her book Killing Kate was nominated by RT BookReviews for Best Amateur Sleuth, and was just released in paperback. Her next Riley Spartz novel, Shunning Sarah will be released August 7th. Reader’s Entertainment sat down with Julie at this year’s RT Booklovers Convention to talk about her background, the roots of her character and what’s in store for reader’s in Shunning Sarah, a very unique case for Riley involving a community of “old order” Amish, and the legend of a black angel.