Praise for 23 Shades of Black





Nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award (Best First Novel),

The Anthony Award (Best Paperback Original)

and a Booklist Best First Mystery of the Year

23 Shades of Black

by Kenneth Wishnia


Praise for 23 SHADES OF BLACK


Packed with enough mayhem and atmosphere for two novels.”—Booklist


Everything a first mystery should be–hard-boiled, gritty, passionate, and raw. The sheer force of the protagonist’s voice holds you.”—Biblio


One hell of a fine book and Filomena is a cool, tough, troubled cop… This is good stuff, political, tough, biting, gutsy, even sensitive.”—Hardboiled


Sardonic, street-smart humor. Strike back against the boredom of polite mysteries; buy this book.” –Sierra Club Book Reviews


Action is swift in this politically charged thriller.”—Midwest Book Reviews



Kenneth Wishnia was first introduced on the scene in 1998. Now 23 SHADES OF BLACK is back from PM Press (June 2012; PB: $17.95; e-book: $4.99) Filomena Buscarela takes to the streets of New York City with sarcasm and wit as she attempts to move up the ranks in the NYPD.


This tense, psychological thriller begins by following Filomena through a single evening shift in which she breaks up a scuffle over drugs, responds to a chemical emergency at a food-stamp center and helps a rape victim limp through the justice system.


When Filomena learns that the toxic leak may have been sabotage, and a key witness, an East Village artist, dies in a suspicious accident, she decides to pursue the case on her own, cruising Alphabet City punk-rock clubs for clues about the artist’s last days, while environmental criminals go unpunished and her personal life begins to crumble.


Very noir, as the title suggests, 23 SHADES OF BLACK is laugh-out-loud funny as well. Sassy, multi-dimensional character, Filomena will be a welcome character in readers’ lives for seasons to come as more from Kenneth Wishnia hits e-readers and bookshelves over the coming years.


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By Kenneth Wishnia

PM Press; June 1, 2012; PB: $17.95; E-book: $4.99

ISBN: 978-1-60486-587-5

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