Banished! Words that Need to Go Away


Fiscal Cliff, and Spoiler Alert are two of the words on the should-be-banished list. Lake Superior State University has for nearly forty years, compiled a list of English words that have, well, come to end of their usefulness and need to be “banished” from the language.

This year, Fiscal Cliff was one of the most ‘hated’ words. As one commentor on the university site stated: “If only those who utter these words would take a giant leap off of it.” — Joann Eschenburg, Clinton Twp., Mich.

First created back in 1975 by the university’s Public Relations Director, Bill Rabe, the list caught the attention of English students, wordsmiths, and those in the public fed up with the overuse or misuse of words. Each New Year’s Day, the university releases their annual list to much applause.

They receive thousands of nominations each year, but only the most hated make the list. Currently, there are around 800 entries.

More of the entries can be found on the LSSU website.