REVIEW: Breaking Point by Kristen Simmons


Breaking Point is the second in the much acclaimed Article 5 series.

Ember Miller has escaped from the reformatory where she had been placed after being arrested for being born out of wedlock. The not too distant future has a post war government ruling the country with an iron fist, exchanging the Bill of Rights for “Moral statutes”.

Ember is on the run with her neighbor and first crush, Chase, who was one of her arresting officers when they came to get Ember and her mother. Chase can never go back after betraying his post so he and Ember join the resistance to fight the government and take it back.

Ember’s journey has been tough and this book is very gritty, not for pre-teens, but certainly for teens, young adults and adults. Thought the heroine is only seventeen she is forced to take on an adult role as she finds herself on her own. Romance, fear, self-discovery and injustice all follow Ember on her journey as she now is on the most wanted list and becomes a liability for even the resistance.

This is an amazing book, very much worth the praise and hype it’s gotten in the media. The characters seem so real you find your heart racing as you travel with them through the story, feeling their every move, every mood, every turn. Kristen Simmons is an amazing YA author with a wonderful writer’s voice. I highly recommend this book, and series.