Guest Blog: T. Libertiny co-author of Gertrude and Grace | Null Paradox


What if?

What if we lived in a world where electricity was never invented? What if steam was the force that powered the world? Would life be simpler? Slower? More civilized?


As a mechanical engineer, I love the premise of “never having discovered electricity” and the ramifications of using steam to power our daily lives. In the future we’re creating through our Null Paradox project, these notions are important enough to be part of our character’s daily lives. Perhaps it’s an alien concept, but what if?


Gertrude & Grace are the main characters for our fiction book set in the Victorian era.  They’re Blood Sisters coming to terms with the realization that their friendship is being tested.


One character is happy with things just the way they are. She doesn’t want change, doesn’t want to deviate from the strict rules that govern her life.  The other character is not happy. She has dreams. She believes she’s destined for something “bigger”. A purpose. A calling.


Gertrude & Grace have found themselves on separate paths and now their friendship is unraveling.



What will they do? Will they choose their Destiny or will they choose Love?
Their story is told through a:


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T. Libertiny is the co-author of the book Gertrude & Grace and writer of the music album of the same name.