Archie Andrews Dies Tragic Death in July

1941 – 2014

Life With Archie is now Death of Archie in July 2014


Archie comics has bridged the great divide of time, age and events.  The namesake of the iconic comic will meet his end just as he lived his life, as the good guy.  Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater shared that the much-loved Archie will die saving the life of a friend.  Those no one is surprised at how he dies, selflessly, there are many in the comic world surprised to see the popular character killed off.

Unlike other comic characters, such as Thor and The Hulk, Archie’s focus was more on daily life, relationships and choices.  Many fans of the comic already had a “Team Betty” or “Team Veronica” idea before the idea of “teams” became popular.  The franchise has taken the comic in many directions over the years with alternate realities of Archie with Veronica, with Betty or with someone else entirely, but the main focus of the comic has remained steady and true.

The comic, which is #36 in the Life with Archie series as Archie has matured into an adult, will have several variant covers.  The much-anticipated final moments of Archie’s life will hit the shelves on July 16th, 2014.

Initial responses from fans have been emotional, “I’m heartbroken. what are betty and veronica going to do? Who will look more together at the funeral? Did Moose beat him to a pulp? Was Reggie the mastermind behind the death?” – Dara Rochlin

Many fans are still reeling from the news, some of them angry to lose such an icon, some of them very nostalgic.  Archie has been a comic staple for decades and many kids grew up with Archie and the gang and so did their kids.

Everyone is interested in the details of the story so we expect July 16th to be a somber, but busy final day for Archie in the Life With Archie series.

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