How to Speak Cat



Why are cats so mysterious? Why don’t they tell us what they want? Why aren’t cats more like dogs? Find out what your feline is trying to tell you in our new book, How to Speak Cat. Get it here!
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Written with pet expert Dr. Gary Weitzman, D.M.V., of NPR’s Animal House and CEO of the San Diego Human Society and SPCA Non-Fiction/Pet/Cats


We know cats are beautiful, secretive, and independent … but even the most loyal cat owners are often baffled by their own pet’s behavior. With veterinarian expert Dr. Gary Weitzman as guide, this fun book helps kids understand what cats are trying to communicate by their body language and behavior. So if you’ve ever wondered what Fluffy means when she’s purring or moving her tail emphatically from left to right – this book is for you! It’s full of insights, expert advice, and real-life cat scenarios, and showcases more than 30 poses, so you’ll soon learn what each meow and flick of the tail means!