Forgotten Stories: How to get your Kids away from the Computer Screen

Forgotten Stories How to get your Kids away from the Computer Screen and more Interested in BooksForgotten Stories: How to get your Kids away from the Computer Screen and more Interested in Books
Guest Post by: Lizzie Weakley

Computers play a vital role in society today and are here to stay. Most people cannot imagine the world without them, yet there is more to life than spending enormous amounts of time searching the Internet or just playing mindless games. Children are especially susceptible to depending on computers for their entertainment and enjoyment. Most of them were born long after they were invented and introduced into our daily lives, but they need to realize that there is an alternative to spending so much time in front of the computer screen. It is a parent’s responsibility to introduce them to the joy of reading. Schools do a great job of teaching reading skills and techniques, but instilling a love of reading for pleasure and entertainment is much harder to accomplish. Schools are in constant competition with computers for children’s time and that needs to change.

Capitalize on a Child’s Interests
Spend time exploring the subjects that really interest your child by paying close attention when you spend time together. Take your child to the library on a regular basis and assist with locating interesting books that are exciting and challenging. Make sure that the home is filled with different types of printed material and that the child can easily assess it. Concentrate on encouraging research connected to favorite subjects.

Make Reading Interactive
Read together every day and spend time reading favorite stories aloud. Discuss the reading and ask for the child’s opinions. Set goals and challenges that help build confidence, but keep in mind that reading for pleasure is the most important. If there are older children in the family, encourage them to read with the younger ones. This helps children understand that everybody enjoys reading and that sharing makes it even better. Computers cannot offer this type of relationship building.

Reading is all About Visualization
Computers do not stress important reading skills. Choosing a book with wonderful illustrations, help a young reader better understand a story. Many websites such as are dedicated to teaching the art of illustrations that make picture books come alive for young children. The power of pictures in children’s books helps promote reading comprehension and a lifelong love of reading.

Creating a healthy balance between computer time and reading should be the goal of every parent. Reading gives children a different way to discover the world anywhere and anytime without being tied to a computer. It provides an extra measure of freedom.


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