The Best Looks from Emma Watson’s Green Carpet Challenge


In a world of glitzy red-carpet premiers, most celebrities are more concerned about who they are wearing rather than where it came from. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is still plagued with ethical concerns about sweat shops, waste being dumped into landfills, and issues with sustainable fabrics. To raise awareness about these problems, some celebrities are participating in something called the Green Carpet Challenge, a cause that champions ethical concerns involved with making clothes and the fashion industry.

Emma Watson, beloved starlet of films like the Harry Potter series and the Perks of Being A Wallflower, decided to participate in the Green Carpet Challenge this year. Here is a description of some of her best looks, complete with the accessories she used to highlight the ensemble.


The Black Merino Dress

The Best Looks from Emma Watson's Green Carpet Challenge The Black Merino Dress

As part of her Green Carpet Challenge, Emma decided to wear an all-black merino dress from the designer Edun. In her Instagram post of the dress, Emma gave a shout-out to Edun’s business practices, including partnering with African artists and investing in sustainable growth. The gown was paired with a simple black clutch and a black and silver belt, which shifted the focus to Emma’s gorgeous flowing locks.


The Floral Wes Gordon Dress

The Best Looks from Emma Watson's Green Carpet Challenge The Floral Wes Gordon Dress

Halter necklines look incredible on Emma, which is probably why she chose a long, floral maxi dress with another halter neckline. This look, created by Wes Gordon, also included a sexy thigh-high slit that showed off her stems. To add a little contrast to the fascinating print, Emma sided with strappy black pumps and simple jewelry.


The Classic Ralph Lauren Skirt

The Best Looks from Emma Watson's Green Carpet Challenge The Classic Ralph Lauren Skirt

Unlike other designers who like to hop aboard the social trend train, Ralph Lauren is one designer who has always stuck to his values. In addition to maintaining a longstanding commitment to not using fur products, Ralph Lauren is also committed to responsible and ethical business practices, which is why Emma included the designer in her Green Carpet Challenge. The actress wore a gorgeous flowing A-line skirt, paired with a low cut black blouse and another pair of perfect pumps. To complete the semi-casual look, Emma wore her hair down, curled, and tousled—making her look like she stepped out of a country club.


All these looks can inspire some of your own. Find similar patterns and shapes at stores close to home, and go for understated, simple accessories. You can even get great deals with Nordstrom coupons you find online, and in-store sales. Just look for clothing created by designers who care about ethical concerns when you shop.

The next time you watch an awards show, pay attention to the stars that mention the Green Carpet Challenge. By shifting our attention to ethical, peaceful designers, we might be able to change the world—one outfit at a time.