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AdamCover-200x300Libraries Smell Good by Sheila English

It’s going to sound crazy, I know, but I love the way a library smells. It’s this mix of pencil lead and book pages mixed with crayon and, if they allow you to eat there, Fritos! I don’t know why, but it’s often Fritos. LOL

I love the feeling of excitement and determination that comes with walking into the library, knowing you’re there for something special.  You’re on an adventure to find a story that calls to you.  Or, you’re looking for a particular book and your name has come to the top of the list to get it.  Or, maybe you’re looking for information on how to do something, or research for a paper.

I love the feeling of community that comes with the library.  You walk in and you’re suddenly among your people! Your tribe! Your bookish friends.  You don’t even have to know each other, you’re there because books are important, exciting and necessary to you in some way.  Those people who are there are looking for stories or information, just like you and while you’re there, you’re part of that library community.  And secretly, you’re sure all of these people love how the library smells too.

I love the landscape of the library.  You walk in the door and there’s an open feel to it.  There’s a place where you can get help.  There are chairs, tables, computers. Often there are rooms you can utilize if you are with a group or just need solitude.  Now, libraries have movies, artwork, community contributions, kid’s areas, book clubs and other things that get you excited about books, stories, learning and participating.  Group rooms are often where we get food smells and the children’s area often smells like cotton candy or fruit punch.  The desks smell like pencil lead and near the computers it smells like bagels and coffee.

I love the choices libraries give me.  It’s not just that the library has fiction and non-fiction.  The library can hold every genre.  There are paper books, ebooks and audio books.  There are pamphlets, flyers, microfiche, writing utensils.  Often there are guest speakers or events held at the library.  I love it when there are events and they serve coffee. Libraries should always have an underlying smell of coffee, even if they don’t allow food or drink inside. It should be a rule!

Libraries improve the quality of my life.  I can learn through books and improve myself or my surroundings.  I can read about meditation or psychology or how to plant a garden, how to eat better, cook better, recycle.  It’s practically limitless!

Libraries are secret doorways to everything in the universe and beyond.  They call it “fiction”, but those of us who read, we know it’s a key and we can escape into another dimension, go to another planet, find romance, solve a mystery, laugh, cry, and when the words “The end” reward us for the journey we sigh, reflect, and are off to find the next adventure!

Libraries allow you to quiet life around you, concentrate on what you’ve come for.  You can close your eyes and feel the collective excitement that comes when readers engage with books.  Next time you go to the library, sit in a quiet area, close your eyes, take it all in and then take in the aroma of pages and whatever it is that is unique about your library.

Adam Frankenstein: A Collection of Short Stories

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Four stories, through the years, follow Adam as he struggles to understand his place in a world of men who would reject him, kill him. He looks to create humanity in himself while questioning those who were born with it.

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About the Author:
sheila ESheila English is an author, producer, entrepreneur and radio show host Sheila went from 18 years in the medical field and 5 years teaching clinical laboratory science to becoming the CEO of the top book trailer production company in the United States. It’s a right-brain/left-brain synergy that has served her well. Owner of the trademarked term “book trailer”, Sheila went on to become a speaker on topics such as content production, marketing, branding, social media and of course book trailers. She has spoken at Book Expo America, Romance Writers of America, RT Booklovers Convention, International Thriller Writer’s ThrillerFest, Women’s Fiction Festival in Italy, NINC and many other prestigious events. Sheila can be found on IMDB and has won more awards for book trailers than anyone in the industry. She has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, The Wall Street Journal and several television talk shows.

Find more about Sheila at:


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