New Novel Suspects Webpage from Hachette Books


novelsuspects_logo_trademarkIf you love mysteries, thrillers, and suspense books, their new webpage NOVEL SUSPECTS from Hachette Publishing is what you’ve been looking for. Featuring new books, movies from books, and author interviews, readers will get a buffet of great new reads.

Here are details from the webpage:

Novel Suspects is a community of mystery and thriller fans – readers, authors, editors, and influencers – who love to share our favorite books, movies, TV shows, and podcasts.  But we love books most.

Our goal is to have as much fun as possible while talking about murder.  You’ll find listicles, quizzes, videos, graphics, and short-form author interviews and reviews.  It’s all intended to brighten your day and deepen your appreciation for the mystery and thriller genres, whether you love legal thrillers, a hardboiled detective story, straight up scary psychological suspense, or a good old-fashioned cozy.

We hope book lovers will be delighted by our truly complete catalog of the genre, with pages dedicated to books from all authors, all publishers, and all eras.  We hope you’ll discover your next favorite author here and then come back for more!