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Seek: Shocking Secrets & Grave Sacrifices by S. Q. Orpin


Seek: Shocking Secrets & Grave Sacrifies Redefine a Journey (Catwalk Book 4) S.Q. Orpin

About the book: Small towns hide big secrets when mysteries unravel from beyond the grave.

In Seek by S.Q. Orpin, Casi returns her mother’s ashes to her hometown in northern Canada to finally put her to rest. What she discovers is an unnerving and deadly coverup from her childhood. She searches for solace with Kyle by her side and is protected by old friends, igniting romantic interest and reuniting relationships.

Kyle wrestles with guilt from his past, revealing the truth behind his nightmares. Casi plans a trip through Europe to help him find closure and honor commitments.

When a dark secret erupts, Casi becomes a target of conspiracy and threats. She reacts impulsively, setting severe consequences in motion. Mary and Ava step in, forced to break pacts and divulge truths kept hidden for decades.

From Northern Canada through Europe, revelations threaten families and unearth mysteries which were better left buried.

Will the knowledge from a hidden journal destroy the lives of Casi and Kyle or can they choose their own destiny?


3.5 stars

Review- The book is kind of like an ensemble cast of a TV series, or better yet, a soap opera. We learn about all these secrets people keep and then go about trying to right past wrongs.
This is more telling than showing and some people are good with that. It does read a bit like it was written for television.
You do care about the characters though the dialog leaves a lot to be desired.
All in all it’s an okay story and worth a read if you love big ensemble casts.


Sheila English
Award-winning author of short stories and comic books. Telly award-winning producer and director of many book trailers.
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