Need Last Minute Gifts For the Reader in Your Life?


If you need a few gift suggestions for the reader in your life, look no further! We have a list of gifts, all under $50 and many much less, for book lovers!!

Our List of Great Gifts Under $50 for Readers!!!

Jocie’s Ten!

  1. Amazon Gift Card – this gift is an absolute favorite. I mean who doesn’t want to buy books with someone else’s money? 🙂
  2. Book Mark – We at Reader’s Entertainment know bookmarks….and this is one of the cleverest we’ve seen. Not only does it mark the page….it marks your spot on the page!
  3. Cup Warmer – we all know how reading a good book distracts us from our hot coffee or tea, so this little gizmo will keep it hot while you indulge in the pages!
  4. Old Book Candle – What’s a good book and hot coffee without a candle to warm your reading corner? This one is just what the author ordered!
  5. Literary Bracelet – One must have some fashion goodies to make the literary life more fun!
  6. Perfume – if the candle didn’t make your reading area waft with the fragrance of a bookstore, this perfume will! Lots of wonderful scents…..
  7. History by Mail – Do you have a reader on your list that loves history? Here’s a really fun way to give them a gift all year……History By Mail is a monthly subscription with copies of historic documents……
  8. Card Catalog Socks – Readers of a certain….’vintage’ will recognize these! And they keep your feet cozy and warm!
  9. Sturdy Book Tote – Many book totes….well, they don’t tote much. This one from L.L. Bean is strong, durable, and will last for years.
  10. Tea of the Month Club – did you know this existed? Whoa….how fun. We found a full list of these clubs on The Spruce Eats. Check them out!

Sheila’s Ten!

    1. Book Flower DIY- I’m making book flowers from my favorite books. All you need are pages, scissors and some glue! Go to a thrift store to find a book you like and make as many as you like!
    2. Book Masks- Just because we don’t like having to wear one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your mast reflect you love of books!
    3. Book Themed Jewelry- Wear your story!
    4. Book Themed Socks- Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? These aren’t your normal socks though!
    5. The Ripped Bodice Swag! Whether it’s t-shirts or Trope Tea these amazing gifts from The Ripped Bodice are all under $50 and full of fun!
    6. BLC Author Social- Give the gift of an experience! The BLC Author Social lets you meet authors from the safety of your home and you get surprise gifts, too! All for under $50.
    7. Floating Bookshelf- I have several of these and I love them! You can get them in large or small. It saves space and looks amazing!
    8. Literary Postcards – Everyone loves getting something in the mail! Why not have it reflect your love of books with these fun Bibliophilia Postcards?!!
    9. The H.P. Lovecraft Collection- For those readers who like the darker side of the page this collection fits the bill!
    10. Page Magnifier with light- Some people really want that physical book, but the print is small or they just need a little extra help. This is a lovely gift for those readers!