Macmillin Adds Children’s Imprint – NEON SQUID


Neon Squid is launching at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. Our first list publishes in January 2022. Visit the link below to learn more about the books, the authors, the editorial and design team, and the story behind that cute little squid.

Macmillan Children’s Book Group will dive into new waters next winter with the launch of London-based Neon Squid Books, an imprint dedicated to publishing gift nonfiction books that make complex topics—such as archeology and medicine—accessible and intriguing to young readers. Announced here for the first time, the imprint is named for an actual aquatic creature distinguished by its ability to glow in the dark and to propel itself out of the ocean and glide in the air. Heading up Neon Squid are co-publishers Joanne Clark, Fiona Macdonald, and Sam Priddy, who all joined MCPG in mid-2020 from DK Publishing.

Details from their press release:

Born in the midst of a pandemic, Neon Squid creates beautiful nonfiction books for inquisitive kids (and kids at heart). We believe the most amazing stories are real ones, so our books are for children who want to decipher ancient scrolls, orbit distant stars, and dive into the deepest oceans.

We understand that every child is different, so we create books that appeal to all sorts of kids, from fact fans and visual learners to those who like to curl up with a good story. Kids are discerning readers, so we use whatever we can to hook them in—whether that’s intriguing topics, humor (Viking poop anyone?), or amazing illustrations.

Our books are a labor of love—written by experts, illustrated by the best artists around, and produced using the finest materials, including sustainably sourced paper. We hope that by reading them kids are encouraged to further explore the world around them. And maybe, just maybe, they spark an interest that lasts a lifetime.
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