BOOK REVIEW:: In the Heart of the Fire by Dean Koontz


Book Review:

In the Heart of the Fire by Dean Koontz

In The Heart Of The Fire introduces us to a man who dishes out Karma, Justice, for The Ace of Diamonds and the secret organization behind them. He can’t remember anything of his life prior to 2 years ago and how he started on this career. He uses aliases but refers to himself as Nameless. He’s clairvoyant and can see the past and the future of those he is helping and hunting through them.

I love how the story is told through Nameless and the Antagonists pov! As if the two are circling each other. One closing in and the one trying to figure out what is going on, who is after them and discovered their truth. The eerie goosebump feeling Dean Koontz is so good at providing the reader is woven in the story! A satisfying ending, as it comes to the visions and karma…and wondering if, as we follow Nameless through his assignments will we start to see his own past come to light.

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