BOOK REVIEW: Lizzie & Dante by Mary Bly


Lizzie & Dante by Mary Bly

The Ancient Greeks, I believe, had 7 words for various types of love. They are all defined in this book. The characters and how they touch Lizzie’s life, their time together on the island of Elba, which in its own way is a participant in the story share a beautiful journey.

Walking this path with Lizzie is a sensory and emotional experience. You truly feel you are there with her! The awakening of love of others, self, family, romantic flirtation, committed love, friendship, of life, and love’s universal unending existence.

This is a story that lets the reader experience the various ways love is present and the bravery to accept and give it. A reminder to appreciate what others can mean to you and what you can mean to others. Tissues handy!

Thank you, Mary Bly for sharing it with us!

Maureen Gianinio Review