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When I started researching the historical roots of Werewolf Magick, I was shocked that, from prehistory on, there was so much romance as well as wild wolfy stuff mentioned. There were a lot of ancient werewolf temples with shapeshifters and clearly sexy rites, like Mt. Lykaion in Greece. The werewolf festivals were even wilder and more erotic, like the four-day drunken orgy of Roman Lupercalia, where the Luperkal or “werewolf priests” ran about in a frenzy encouraging a lot of out of control public behavior for which you’d be arrested today. Much of this crazy partying and wildness was (and still is—see my books) about invoking werewolf magick to unleash the ecstasy of letting your primordial Animalself free, so as to revitalize and empower yourself (and, I’ll add, your libido as well).

That sexy werewolf connection was not something I expected to find when researching, but I soon found that it was a thing because, much to my surprise, I discovered some old documents that literally explain how to attract a sexy werewolf lover! While this seemed a bit risky at the time for Victorian women (or men) to do, apparently the belief that werewolves make great lovers withstood the test of time, beginning with the rites of ancient Rome. The secret of such spells, so it is said, is—wait for it—flowers. Yes, that’s right. And, if you think about it, it makes “scent sense,” as scent is something all wolves are very sensitive and resaponsive to. Werewolves, even more so!

So, if you are looking for a new werewolf lover, regardless of your preferences, and aren’t too worried by a little rough love play, including a few claw marks, you may want to give this romantic flower magick a try. Think about meeting up with a sexy werewolfish person for a romantic wolfy date or a hot werewolf fling without using an app. After all, what a great “werewolf boyfriend” (or girlfriend) to have! Such a sweetheart! Such a protector! Fun at parties! Why not? In this era of open relationships, furries and poly, why should seeking a new friend with actual or proverbial fur and fangs be neglected, all with flowers? Folklore tells us that certain flowers will actually attract a werewolf to you with some simple spells. The fact that such legends have existed for ages is proof that this desire for romantic werewolf love has been around for quite some time. Many people do love wild feral bad boys or girls, but some apparently want them growling and howling with angs. Interested? Read on.

The following are some werewolf flowers that you’ll need to find or buy ahead of time. Both of these spells should be done on a warm night as close to a full moon if possible, best when the moon is shining in the sky. The spells say to keep the bedroom window and door to your home unlocked after the spell, but that is up to you. I’d open the window and keep the door locked (any decent werewolf should be able to ignore the door and leap up through your open window, I’d say). Some of you who are more adventurous may prefer to wander through the woods or fields or downtown holding your bouquet while doing the spell, or sitting on the porch drinking chablis or maybe hanging in a club—your call. If your goal is more intense, also wear a flower scent that gives you a thrill (just make sure it’s all-natural—werewolves have sensitive snouts!).

Here are the listed “Werewolf-attracting flowers” I originally found in an old spell. Mix and match as you like. These flowers include:

  • Lily of the Valley: Brings a deep werewolf friendship or romantic love
  • Marigolds: Brings a werewolf partnership or interaction full of adventure and truth
  • Red Azaleas: Best for attracting a werewolf of strong passions and emotions

The Spell
In the light of the moon, put together your werewolf-attracting bouquet and place it on the sill of your open bedroom window on a clear vase, or carry the bouquet with you if you plan to go out roaming in the woods or dancing in a club. When ready to call your werewolf love to you, hopefully with the full moon in the sky, sing the following traditional werewolf attraction spell:

“Oh softly come on shadow paws
With wine of longing and panting jaws
Fur of love and tail of bliss
Oh beast of desire, come for this!”

End with three sexy, romantic, lilting up-howls. If you are persistent, do this for three nights and leave the flowers, whispering “So may it be!” and expect a wolfish lover to come to thee. Have care and have fun, be wild and carefree and avoid those those fangs, or a werewolf you’ll be!

Here is another traditional “Garden Magic” spell to seek a new feral love.

Needed: Phlox flowers for planting near your door, as red as possible, and seven cut phlox blossoms to leave on your doorstep or the sill of your open bedroom window.

Do this on a full moon if possible or on a special holy day such as Midsummer or Lammas.

Read the spell three days in a row, placing new cut flowers each day, saying each day with deep desire:

“Over hills, through woods and over time
Wolf love I call thee, with heart and rhyme
Three times three, So mote it be
O feral love, come now to me!:

Gently, lovingly, howl three times.

Want more? Here are a number of werewolf-attracting or empowering plants that I found in a number of different sources, ranging from Medieval to Victorian texts.

Important Plants used in Werewolf Magick: Yarrow, Rue, Oak, Rosemary, Cedar bark, Pine sap or needles

These are traditional werewolfish flowers, herbs, and natural oils.

For attracting werewolves or for those seeking to become a practitioner of werewolf magick and shapeshifting: Sunflower, Lavender, Rue, Bay leaves, Basil, Sage, Cinquefoil, Thyme, oak moss

On Musk: Many older sources refer to musk as the scent for wolf or werewolf magick. Because of the horrific way traditional musk was (and in some places, still is) taken, by killing musk deer and removing their glands, I say no. Today, most musk you can get is synthetic, useless for this magick since anything artificial is out. There are, however, plants that offer a similar “musky” feral scent that may prove useful in any sexy wolfish work; they include the musk flower, muskwood, or musk seeds from India. My suggestion is that you use the very musky smelling herb Rue, sacred to all sorts of feral gods like Pan.

Here’s a look at WEREWOLF MAGICK:

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Denny Sargent is a writer, artist, and university instructor who has a master’s degree in history/intercultural communications. He has been involved in a number of esoteric traditions and groups, including Welsh Traditional Craft, CAW, CES, Voxas Rimotae, Voodoo Spiritual Temple, Shinto, and others. He has written for magazines and anthologies in the US and Japan, and has written books and articles on Paganism, Western Occultism, spells, folklore, magick, and tantra. Denny is the author of ten books and coauthor of two more, including Werewolf MagickWerewolf Pack Magick, and The Book of Dog Magic. He is also Elder Guardian of the Horus Maat Lodge and has edited and written parts of two books for the organization.

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