BOOK REVIEW: The Last Goodnight (Blood Ties, #1) by Kat Martin


The Last Goodnight (Blood Ties, #1) by Kat Martin

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Blood Ties Series, Kade the oldest of The Logans is the hero of this book. Definitely a great Who-What-Where is the danger coming from page turning romantic suspense thriller. He definitely leads a trail of danger to the woman he’s trying not to love, but there isn’t anyone you’d rather have rescue the heroine either! The discovery of how Ellie is the perfect strong, competent, intelligent woman to have at his side makes a great romance as they find trust while weeding through chaos, mystery, and resolution of all the danger coming at him…are there more than one villian or are they all connected. Kat Martin keeps you wondering, has you turning pages trying to figure it all out, and in the edge of your seat as it’s all climatically realized!


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