We ask authors to share their favorite book they would gift to readers during this holiday season. 

W.L. Hawkin recommends JP McLean’s BLOOD MARK

Books with supernatural elements are the perfect escape, and the ten awards that Blood Mark has won are a testament to its entertainment value. This review is just a sample of what to expect: 
Blood Mark by JP McLean is one of those addictive suspense building novels. Every page brings out more mystery, a sense of deadly foretelling, and more lure. I am hooked! The main protagonist has been hiding her marks trying to be normal. But soon she learns more of her marks and her ability. Once she understands them and what they mean, the better. Victims, a killer, and strange illusions make for a compelling story. The heroine is extremely likable. I wanted more of her story as I kept digging. The more I dig, the more I could not stop. It is that engaging. Blood Mark is the first in a series by this talented writer. I am not familiar with J.P. McLean’s writing. This is my first experience, and I cannot wait to dig into the next book! This writer is like my other two must read authors: Heather Graham and Lynsay Sands. I love the suspense and the dramatic flair. Overall, it is a well-written novel that I highly recommend to all paranormal and suspense fans. —Urban Lit Magazine August 31, 2022
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