BOOK REVIEW: The Crow Who Tampered With Time by Lloyd Ratzlaff


BOOK REVIEW::: The Crow Who Tampered With Time by Lloyd Ratzlaff 

Canadian author Lloyd Ratzlaff has served as a minister, counselor, lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, has taught writing classes for the Western Development Museum, READ Saskatoon, the University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art and Design, and as columnist for Prairie Messenger Catholic Journal. His books to date – BACKWATER MYSTIC BLUES and now THE CROW WHO TAMPERED WITH TIME. Before opening this collection of essays, Ratzlaff shares, ‘I will no longer make New Year’s resolutions. I know how feeble willpower is. I make only these daily resolves: to breathe consciously; to smile as often as possible; to give up worrying; to accept the present moment with re-born attention. Year-end and year-beginning are fictional times separated by no more than a breath or a blink of an eye. In that breath, in that blink, eternity resides. Lost in time, we look for directions to get away. Here in eternity, we love and work.’ That quality of sensitive, humble, supportive writing is present in each of the essays in this memorable collection.

Written in response to the prairie atmosphere of his homeland (Saskatchewan, with Alberta, is one of the two landlocked provinces of Canada – no contact with water bodies), Ratzlaff’s words inquire, respond to nature, share spiritual insights, and elicit smiles and sighs as his thoughts illuminate our perception of reality and possibilities. In each of the twenty-three essays his writing has gentle wit and perceptions of ‘now’ and ‘after now’ that linger long after reading. For an uplifting experience, join Lloyd Ratzlaff in this journey of wonder. Very highly recommended.
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book

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