Ted Galdi, a #1 Amazon bestselling author, recently launched How To Write Gripping Stories, an online-education platform for authors and screenwriters that features a free course on characters, plot, theme, and emotional impact.

Why How To Write Gripping Stories Was Created

“A lot of the information out there for writers is very academic,” said Galdi. “Most people who want to write a book or movie aren’t concerned with all that. They just want to know, in simple terms, the stuff they should put into their story so people like it.”

Galdi teaches all the lessons himself, via recorded videos that students can go through at their own pace. Since he’s a writer, he realizes how busy they can be, and how little time they may have for courses. His goal was to convey important points in short, yet info-packed videos.

“You can finish the free course in one sitting,” he said. “When you’re done, you’ll have what you need to map out a story from end to end. This blueprint will help you finish your story faster. And it’ll make sure you put in key things so people like it.”


Who the Course Is for

It’s for people who want to write a book or screenplay, yet haven’t tried; people who are writing a story, yet struggling to finish; or people who have completed a story, yet want to write their next one better and/or faster.

An Affordable Premium Course Is Also Available

While Galdi’s Intro Course covers the major elements of a great story, his Premium Blueprint Course goes into more depth, helping students plan their stories down to every scene.

Other courses addressing these topics tend to be far longer and far pricier. Students can gain instant, lifetime access to all Galdi’s lessons for a modest one-time payment. And they can easily go through all his videos in just two sittings.