Jenifer Goldin Launches Debut Novel, Anonymous Mom Posts


Will anonymous social media posts expose the secrets of a picture-perfect California community?!

Author Jenifer Goldin’s recently released novel, Anonymous Mom Posts, is perfect book club fiction. If you like stories about complicated friendships, the pressures of motherhood, challenging marriages, and the path to self-acceptance, then you’ll love Goldin’s heartfelt tale.

Grab a glass of wine, put on your most comfortable joggers, and get the book all your friends will be posting about.

Laura Perry is fed up with the snarky attitudes of the Southern California moms who post on the Hamilton Beach Moms’ social media page. She hopes the new anonymous posting feature will remind this community they are here to support each other. She enlists her friend, Gabriella, to be a co-moderator. While Gabriella is intrigued by the page, she wonders if the virtual interactions are doing more harm than good. She and Laura hatch a plan to organize an in-person fundraising event, hoping to help the moms connect in real life.

But, as the moms start to reveal their secrets anonymously, irreverent comments pour in, and the page ignites with controversy. With the in-person event approaching, will one mom’s plan for revenge bring the entire community to the brink?!

“Have you ever had that book that you wake up excited to read? That was this book for me. Lighthearted, fun and SO relatable! I found pieces of each character that I could resonate with and was sad once I finished because I want to know what happens next on each of their journeys! SO, SO GOOD! I hope this author writes some more books soon!”

“Such an innovative style for a book! This was a light-hearted, easy read, and yet, very thought-provoking. I found this book so relatable, as many of us struggle in this digital/social media world, for a way to reconnect to each other amongst our own insecurities.”

Jenifer Goldin, a Miami native, graduated from the University of Florida and Gallaudet University. An audiologist by trade, Goldin specialized in pediatric cochlear implants. However, writing has always been her passion. Some of Goldin’s stories reveal her truest emotions, and sometimes her emotions are just the jumping-off point for a fictional tale. Her favorite books always go beyond storytelling and shine a light on the human experience. Goldin now resides in Atlanta with her husband and two children.

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