A Daring Butterfly Travels the World Searching for the Biggest Number in a Picture Book Filled With Fun and Facts


Even the youngest children know big numbers: a thousand, a million, even a billion. But what comes next? Author Joey Benun explores this question in his debut book, Pebbles and the Biggest Number. In this fact-filled adventure story, illustrated by Laura Watson, Pebbles travels the world in search of the biggest number.

Tired of counting the same small numbers in his garden, Pebbles sets off on his quest, asking every animal he meets along the way. An electric eel tells him about the one billion volts of electricity in a lightning bolt, and a friendly dolphin reveals that there are six sextillion cups of water in the world’s oceans. Ultimately, Pebbles discovers that numbers are infinite, and there is no “biggest number”.

Watson’s bright and lively illustrations bring the story to life, accompanied by fascinating fact call-outs about animals and their environments.

Pebbles and the Biggest Number evokes memories of beloved mathematical tales, such as How Much Is a Million? and One Grain of Rice, and will spark children’s curiosity about numbers great and small. Families and educators will welcome this entertaining contribution to children’s STEM learning.

The book has earned more than 500 five-star ratings on Goodreads (4.96 average) and achieved #1 New Release status on Amazon for Children’s Math Books. It has also received universal critical acclaim from 24 editorial reviewers, with BookLife of Publishers Weekly selecting it as their Editor’s Pick.

Supplemental activities for teachers and kids are available on Benun’s website at biggestnumber.com/resources and on his Instagram page. For more information about the author and the book, please contact joey@biggestnumber.com or visit biggestnumber.com/media-kit.

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