Book Review: “Crucible of Gold” by Naomi Novik


Crucible of Gold” is book #7 of 9 in the Temeraire series.

Will Laurence and Temeraire have been in Australia for a while now and are adjusting to life there as civilians (remember that Laurence was found guilty of treason, his commission in the military revoked, and they were exiled to Australia as “prisoners”).

Now considered home, they are building a pavillion for the dragons with Temeraire, Iskierka and Granby, and Kulingile (who hatched in Australia and is now the size of Maximus) with Demane.

Then……Arthur Hammond arrives with news of a Tswana uprising in Brazil where they and the Portuguese are nearing war.

The only person who can bring peace to that crucial area is Laurence, and oh, by the way…..

Will Laurence is once again a Captain in the British Air Corp and his mission is to go to Brazil!

With a motley crew of “prisoners” from Australia, a few trusted officers, including Granby, Emily Roland, Demane, and Gong Su….the team is assembled and off they go, on the Allegiance, to Brazil.

Little do they know the adventure and danger that awaits them on this journey!

To find out what happens you can read the book. 🙂

“Crucible of Gold” is a sometimes terrifying, but, rousing, adventure as Laurence and team face multiple dangers from multiple sources. By the time I finished reading the book….I was exhausted. 🙂

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